Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sophia Get’s Printed

Sophia had her hands and feet printed in her baby book yesterday… She didn’t care for it to say the least. P1000785 P1000783

Progressive sent a cute embroidered blanket, book and little stuffed rabbit for Sophie. Pretty cute! She spit up on the blanket and made it hers right away.P1000782

Hiking Post Delivery: Check!


With temperatures in the high fifties here in Colorado, Katy and I have been taking to the trails around the house in the foothills of the Rockies to get some exercise post delivery. We hope to go snowboarding in a few weeks – ahead of the Dr’s orders a bit – so we are taking advantage of the great weather for January to get in shape.

IMG_20140118_114416 IMG_20140118_114407 IMG_20140118_114352

More Pics and A Room For Sophie


Here are a few new shots of the cute little pumpkin and her (finally) completed nursery. Well, almost complete – the glider chair is still on a truck somewhere in North Carolina. We thought we had a few weeks to complete everything, but since she came 3 weeks ahead of schedule, we spent some time yesterday putting up the space girl themed decorations.P1000559 P1000555 P1000549 P1000542 P1000515 P1000479 IMG_20140111_095219 IMG_20140110_161507 IMG_20140110_155734 IMG_20140110_155723 IMG_20140110_204327 IMG_20140108_143318 IMG_20140102_090527