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    Hi, I’ve just upgraded from an HTC M8 to a Samsung S7. In the past (I’ve been using this app for many years), the only problems I’ve had when changing devices has been finding the backup files.
    However, this time, after lots of struggling to get any of the files to import, I finally got to the stage where it would import no records (because ToMarket.csv had one header line and one empty item line), or a list with dozens of duplicate items.
    When I checked the time stamped file, all the duplicates were in there, which means there was a problem with the backup process in the first place. Looking at what I got from the last backup, there was a total of 6 files:
    ToMarket.csv (1Kb)
    ToMarket.History.csv and two time stamped versions, all 63Kb
    ToMarket.Prefs (0Kb)
    ToMarket_Backup_1498136961969.csv (1Kb, the same contents as ToMarket.csv)

    The 63 Kb files did have the data, but as I said, with duplicate entries. I used Excel to remove duplicates, and it dropped the number of items from about 1200 to 250.

    End result is that I have my shopping list back, but I need to reset all my preferences.

    There really does seem to be a problem with the backup though I’m afraid to say


    It’s also completely messed up my categories, converting them into what looks like 12 digit numbers – a different one per item!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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