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    I can’t talk for the author, but knowing database complexity, I seriously doubt it. Since you can send a text to them, I would stick with that, or use one of the grocery apps already designed for the watches if you already have one.

    Besides, wearable watches probably aren’t going to be around long. They aren’t selling very well, mainly because the price doesn’t justify what you get. I would never want one, knowing I’ve got a cellphone within reach of the arm the watch would be on.


    I agree completely with DLaw, which almost NEVER happens. I don’t know anyone who owns a wearable of any brand. I have never seen anyone wearing a wearable either.

    This app shows a lot of info on the screen. I can’t imagine trying to see that complete list on a wearable sized screen. Nor would the lack of info that could be shown even be remotely useful.

    Enlighten me please, what would be the advantage of using ToMarket on a wearable, other than trying to justify the purchase of a very marginally useful device.


    So you have seen everyone everywhere; so there must be no one wearing any brand of wearable. Wow, that’s a lot of people. Good for you.

    I do not need to enlighten you, a participant, of how this would be useful to me.

    Seeing as this is the feature request topic, if you do not have anything productive to contribute I suggest you troll somewhere else.


    First, not trolling. Been here since the beginning of the old forum. Obviously I have not seen everyone everywhere.

    The point of this forum is to discuss. Lots of us have made requests. Some are incorporated into updates. A lot are not. Instead of getting mad, tell those who read this forum why incorporating wearables would make this a better app than the other previous suggestions. If you are going to get mad because you were asked to justify your suggestion, submit your suggestion to olias by email so no one else can see it or disagree with the importance you give to your suggestion.


    As Krazman said, there is no way this app’s complexity would be viewable or usable on a wearable. That should be very productive to you.

    “Seeing as this is the feature request topic, if you do not have anything productive to contribute I suggest you troll somewhere else.”

    Enjoy the wait for it to get done!


    DLaw, that’s a remarkably close minded response to a legitimate feature request. Just because you’re unable to see the benefit doesn’t give you the right to crap on it, and calling the OP a troll kind of makes you one. I doubt if I’ll ever get a wearable, but being able to go through my Need list in a store without taking my phone in and out of my pocket every few minutes would be great. Sure, the entire program might not work on a wearable, but it doesn’t really need to. It could be a reduced feature companion app that syncs up later, or a simplified display that syncs with your phone that remains in your pocket.

    Bruce Clarke

    Great app which I use everytime I shop. However, I’d love to be able to manage my shopping list on more than just my phone. To do that, ToMarket would have to be able to syncronize its database with ToMarket installed on other devices, such as my tablet.

    I have a number of apps that syncronize. For example, the (obsolete) app jValult backs up to Dropbox. I can then update my many copies of that app (even in Windows) from Dropbox.

    Other apps that syncronize are SeriesGuide and Macronos. These use my Google account and store their data on Google drive. The syncronization is completely automatic.

    Please conisider adding this feature.


    So far the program has worked well for me, especially being able to add aisles so I can make an efficient trip through the store. One feature I’d love to see is a keyboard wedge mode where an external keyboard is linked directly to the barcode feature. The idea here is that I could turn on the wedge mode and use a Bluetooth barcode reader (much easier than trying to get the phone’s camera lined up), which acts like a keyboard, to scan items. ToMarket would see barcode data coming in and automatically start to add or deduct from the list (the mode could be switchable between something like an inventory mode which adds to the Need list and a Shopping mode which moves from Need to Cart (or just out of Need if no Cart is used).

    I could speed up shopping considerably by scanning with the reader as things go in the cart or as I remember items missing from the pantry (or I’m tossing them out and get scanned when I do) but without having to constantly tap the on-screen barcode button, line up, etc. Using a keyboard input mode means that any external device that behaves like a keyboard (scanners, regular keyboard, etc.) would work with ToMarket without needing hardware specific code, just the Android keyboard support.


    I’ve been a Tomarketweb.com user since Gingerbread. I created several lists by subject (groceries, car, household, clothing, etc.) It would be nice to have a splash/start screen that would show how many needed items you have in each list.


    When the All Items list is selected, for items that are marked as needed I would like the quantity to be displayed.

    The reason is: Usually before I go on a planned shopping trip I go through the All Items list for all stores, checking if anything on the list needs to be updated. Sometimes things are already marked as needed, but I may now need more than I had needed when first marking it. (Because some have been used in the interim.) But I don’t remember how may were last selected, and that isn’t shown.

    What I end up doing instead is:
    – select it, causing it to move to the cart
    – select it again, moving it to the All list
    – select it again, so I have an opportunity to reselect the quantity

    That is really annoying. It would be better if the quantity was displayed in the All Items list, just as it is in the need list. Even better if you could then click that quantity to bring up the chooser to change the quantity. Alternately, a long click to get the popup menu and a new option there to change the quantity.

    BTW, the changes in v1.7.52 are great!


    I would like to see a dual sales tax option added.

    Taxes here are based on food and none food items.



    I notice there has been no activity here in a long time. Is there any point in making suggestions? Is any active development still going on?


    That’s probably because there isn’t much else else that it needs. That said, have at it, you never know!


    Well, my question above about quantities in the All Items list still stands. It should be trivial – the format would be exactly the same as when viewing the Needed list.

    Other things I wish for:

    When you are entering the Aisle for an item, the dropdown list becomes so long as to be useless. I always end up just typing in the value. The main problem is that the dropdown shows all the defined aisles for all stores. But that includes a lot of junk not relevant to the current store. So I would like it to only list the aisles for the current store.

    When you search for an item, there is a popup showing all the matches. From there you can long-click an item and so some things to it, like toggling coupons. And in that case the list remains up so you can do something else to the same or a different item. But if you click the check box for an item, because you need it, the list goes away. So you can’t also click another matching item, or whatever. (In this case I have to enter the same search again. Annoying!) I would like, the list to remain in that case until you dismiss it with the Back button.

    But all in all I still love this app and use it almost every day.


    Update to last post: my request for the quantity couples with the issue about search. I might search for “coke”. It comes up already checked (needed) but doesn’t show the quantity needed. I know I now need 3. The only easy way to ensure the quantity is 3 is to click it (moving to cart), then click again (clear from cart), and yet again (reselect as needed). But to do that I have to search for it three times.

    If clicking the check in the search results didn’t dismiss them I could just click it three times. If the quantity showed, then I wouldn’t need to click it at all if the quantity was already set as I wish.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 35 total)
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